Be Thankful // Tracy Simmons

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us… You might not know it if you’ve been to the store lately. Even before the Halloween costumes were being picked over, the Christmas trees and decorations came out and little old Thanksgiving got lost in the middle. Now, I’m not talking about the US holiday precisely, although it is the catalyst for this season here in America. Thankfulness for this amazing place, warts and all, is an important component of what has become a month of thankfulness for me but, I desire to have a much larger prespective.

In that light, November Sunday Series will be focused on thanksgiving as a way of life, not a holiday to celebrate. We’ll spend all four Sunday looking at ways the Bible encourages, commands, and implores us to be a thankful people. I hope you’ll join us and invite some one to come with you.

Blessings, Pastor Tracy