Be Thankful // Tracy Simmons


This past Sunday I spoke with the church about the depth of thankfulness I, and other leaders in the church, have for the people who call C3AK home. Taking a note from the authors of some of the letters in the New Testament, it was my great joy to share with those present a small indication of how blessed I am to be counted as pastor, to work beside you as a friend, and to be given the incredible grace, flawed as I am, to try and speak out from God’s Word on a regular basis. If you missed it, I hope you’ll take a few minutes and listen here, because I want you to know you are loved, valued, and I am thankful.


This coming Sunday, I will be bringing the final message in our Be Thankful series. It’s the Thanksgiving weekend so, I have no idea how many of us will be in town to gather but, if you’re here in Anchorage I hope you’ll join us. If you aren’t able, we are now live streaming on our YouTube page and, of course, the podcast will be posted later in the week.

I believe this Sunday is such an important theme for us to consider in this season of thankfulness, especially as we look forward to Christmas and the celebration of the Messiah. For this message I am going to express my own, and call us all to, thankfulness to the single thing which really bonds us together as sisters and brother in Christ; His Salvation.


I think this is so critical to highlight because this is the foundation of everything in our lives which comes to matter. We, all the redeemed, have been given the gift of our souls through Jesus Christ. We are no longer counted among those who, with the possibility of gaining even the whole world, risk losing their very souls. What an incredible gift. This would also be a great Sunday to invite a friend who is seeking, searching, or wondering about the purpose for their life, or maybe who is considering being a follower of Jesus.

Please, join me and invite friend. You never know, this might be the time they agree to join you.

Pastor Tracy