Wow! What A Crazy Week It’s Been! // Tracy Simmons


Wow! What a crazy week it’s been! I can’t say that I completely share in the seismic event Alaska experienced on November 30th, 2018 because Karen and I weren’t in Alaska as we were on the last flight to leave the ground before the earthquake hit. Our flight to Washington to visit with Kristofer left the ground at 8:20 am that morning and, after we’d reached 10,000 feet and people began to logon to the aircraft WiFi the news began to spread through the passengers. It was a frantic atmosphere as everyone tried to gather news about the quake and check on family and friends. The feeling was quite helpless knowing that everyone we’d just left were dealing with the terrifying results, aftershocks, and uncertainties of the days ahead. We were frightened for you all and I’m sure there were many prayers being lifted from inside that aircraft. Maybe, they had an express line since we were so far up in the heavens! As reports began to roll out over the next few hours and the rest of the day, we rejoiced in the very low human toll in injuries and no loss of life, and kept an eye on the widely varying levels of property loss.


All in all, I think we can all simply be thankful. I know the challenges are still significant across Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley. I also know some of you have nerves that are frayed to absolute ends. I am praying for peace within your hearts and for the ground to settle down! I include this link in the hopes it will encourage you to look to the Lord for your comfort and His protection. In the end, no matter the calamity which may befall our physical world and lives, those who trust in the Lord have a mighty Father who is able to save us for eternity. In that hope, may even the greatest quakes of the earth not make us to be shaken.

A few quick notes about this coming Sunday and beyond. Don’t forget to join us this Sunday for the exclusive Christmas Worship service with the Dan Mac Jazz Band. It’s going to be a great celebration of the season with some crazy talented local musicians.

halibutcove15 copy.jpg

Immediately following the service we’ll have the brief meeting to approve a budget for 2019, the Ladies Cookie Exchange will happen and we’ll sit down for a church-wide potluck lunch! I’m telling you, it’s going to be a great day. I hope you’ll invite a friend and plan to enjoy the time of music, community, and being C3AK.


The following Sunday, December 16th we will welcome our C3AKids Choir to the service for their Christmas production. Directed by Karen Simmons, this event is always a blast and these young people never fail to bring energy and excitement to what they do.


Finally, there are only three Sundays left in 2018 and, if you’re planning year-end giving, now is the time to do it. Given the challenges of the past three weekends (snow dump, rainstorm, EARTHQUAKE and wind/storm) our giving has taken a hit and we are about $3,500.00 behind budgeted giving. As always, I simply ask you to do what you can, be generous, and pray with us for the Lord to continue to care for us, as He always has.


Pastor Tracy