UGH....TMI! // Jason Souza


Hopefully, we've all had that discussion with our kids about appropriate levels of sharing on the internet. Not everything in their lives should be shared online, even if it's with their "friends" or "followers". This is a message that needs to be clearly communicated on a regular basis. Even with older teens.


Have you ever had a conversation with your kids about what is and is not appropriate for YOU to share online about THEM? You may not have thought about it, but as they mature and their sense of identity grows, their ownership of themselves may conflict with your "claim" on them as a parent.


As they mature and come into their own as adults, you may need to start asking permission to do things you've done for years without a second thought. As we've raised them, we've taught them to demand that others respect their things, their bodies, and their space. At some point, we must begin to do the same.

Think about it.

Pastor Jason