Angsty, Down, or Depressed? // Jason Souza


Okay, even I have to admit I have gone way down the well of doom and despair, and I promise to lighten up starting next week. But last week's article leads to some obvious questions, the biggest being, "How can I tell if my kid is depressed?"

DISCLAIMER: No one on staff at Christ Community Church is a trained therapist or mental health professional.


And we would all tell you that there are some things that can't be addressed by Bible reading and prayer alone. If you believe your child might be dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts, get them professional help immediately. Reach out to any of your pastors and we can point you in the right direction.

All that being said, how do you know when to be concerned? How do you know if it's typical teenage angsty moodiness, situationally bummed out, or actually depressed? I don't know, but the attached article might help.


The line between teenager and depressed teenager can be pretty fine. Fortunately, none of you are in this alone.


Think about it.
Pastor Jason