Defusing A Bomb 101 // Jason Souza


Last week’s post was all about avoiding, or at least minimizing, those parent-child blowouts so typical of the teenage years. But, sometimes, you find the kettle boiling over before you even know the heat is on.

What do you do when your child is at DEFCON 1, and war is imminent? Well, as we all know from the wisdom of the Joes, knowing is half the battle. In many cases, what the battle is about is NOT what the battle is about. If you can understand the true nature of the conflict, you’re well on your way to resolving it.

Take a look at the attached article for some of the common root causes of these conflicts, and some advice on how to go about defusing them.


NOTE: You may determine the true nature of the problem long before your child does. DO NOT JUMP STRAIGHT TO SOLVING THE PROBLEM! Take time to listen. Take time to empathize. Make sure your child knows you are on his or her side. Then, when the time is right, move on to developing a solution TOGETHER.

Think about it.
Pastor Jason