Dancing Lessons /./ Jason Souza


Several years ago I was at a conference where the leader shared a story about his daughter’s experience growing up in the church.

As a child, she was a dancer. There was nothing in the world she loved more than dance. And she was really good at it. Dance was not just something she did. It was part of who she was. 

As she grew older and moved on to college and beyond, she drifted from the church. She seemed to put a faith - which had once been so vibrant - behind her. 

Then life got hold of her. Not anything deep and dark. Just the struggles so many of us go through, but without the strength of her Father.

Finally, dad sat her down to ask her where that faith had gone. In that moment, she shared how, as a teen, one of the adults in the church - the church which her dad pastored - told her there would come a time when she would have to choose between dance and God. And she did.


In the raising of our kids - as parents and as parents’ support systems - we spend a lot of time and energy on imparting knowledge. Making sure the kids know the right things, the right answers. We often fail to teach them how faith behind that knowledge works in the real world.

What happens when the “right” answers don’t fit?

When they don’t seem to apply?

Here’s nine things we can share with our kids that might be the most beneficial lessons they will ever receive from us.


Right answers and relationship are not the same thing. But one is easier to teach than the other. But the raising of children has never been about easy.

Think about it.
Pastor Jason