I Do Not Think That Means What You Think It Means // Jason Souza

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Okay. So we can agree - whether we like it or not - that just because God knows our prayer even before we pray it, that’s still no excuse to avoid prayer.

So we just do it.

We grit our teeth and grind it out. Because He commanded it. Because it’s our duty.

Then we encounter people with active, thriving, intimate prayer lives. People whose prayers are so deep and heartfelt, we once more begin to wonder why we bother.

Maybe, just maybe, we are victims of some common misconceptions about prayer that deprive us of the personal connection and deep joy that could be ours.

Take a look and see if Richard Foster puts his finger on one (or more) of your prayer problems.



If you can correct your thinking, see prayer for what it could be and not what you mistakenly think it is, you might open a door to the prayer life you never imagined could be yours.

Think about it.
Pastor Jason