Three Reasons You Should Go Trick Or Treating // Jason Souza



There, I said it. For a long time, Halloween was the proverbial "Name That Must Not Be Spoken" in American evangelical circles.


But then things changed. We woke up to the fact that Halloween was too ingrained in our culture to be ignored. And, as it turns out, Halloween is actually pretty fun.


And since it couldn't be ignored, we attempted to co-opt it. "We'll be goshdarned if we're going to acknowledge You Know What, but we CAN have fall carnivals."


At best disingenuous. At worst hypocritical. Maybe it's time to embrace it. And in doing so, transform into an opportunity to share the Good News.

On this night of all nights, the question of, "who is my neighbor?" is answered with every ring of your doorbell.


Think about it.

Pastor Jason