C3AK Ladies Cookie Exchange PLUS SOCKS! // Karen Simmons

Ladies Christmas (A) Cookie & (B) Holiday Sock Exchange

Sunday, December 9 - right after services

cookies and socks.jpg

Part A

Creative Cookie Rules:

1.  Plan on baking (home-made) 9 dozen.  Yup, 9 dozen!!  We will all be blessed greatly with so many cookies to eat or share with others ;-)   A few years ago we had 17 amazing ladies who signed up.  There will be one pack of six left over and that will be donated to Clare House. And yes, I understand that 6 of your cookies will be put in your bag ;-)  That will of course add to your variety and of course after baking 9 dozen of one kind you might only want six of yours ;-)  And I'll just throw it out there…if there are more than 17 ladies signing up then we'll just end up baking more of our original cookie…wahoo!


2.  Please come to the church with your cookies already pre-packaged & labeled (in baggies, tin foil, saran wrap, themed bags, little boxes…) in groups of 6.  (A total of 18 packs at this point…it may be more).  I will provide a large brown paper bag with your name on it for easy transport of this ever so sweet precious cargo!


3.  Whatever amount you bring is the amount you'll leave with (no doubling up on one type of cookie)


(Optional) Attach a recipe card to each packaged group of cookies



Name/Cookie snagged: (we would rather no duplications… hence cookie exchange ;-)  *there will be a clipboard at church or you may email your type of cookie to pastortracy@c3ak.com  Thanks for giving me your first & last name along with the type of cookie you are planning on baking.


1. Karen Simmons/Peanut Butter with chocolate kisses




Part B

1.  Bring one pair of holiday festive socks (size 9-11) (for example, holiday trees, candy canes, reindeers, red/green stripes….be creative in your purchase and please no more than $5.00 in cost).  Before handing out your cookies please bring your socks and deposit them in the “festive bag”…before you leave with your scrumptious sack of cookies you’ll pick out (no peaking) a pair of holiday socks & wear them proudly for the season!  (Thanks Sheila Baker for the idea)


P.S.  The deadline for sign up is Nov 18… that is three weeks from now.  I appreciate everyone sticking to the time-line as we all have schedules. 

Happy Cookie Baking & Holiday Sock Buying!! 



Karen Simmons