There are two HUGE weekends in the life of a church like ours. I’m sure you know it already but, Christmas and Easter offer the chance to invite people who might not come to church with you any other weekend of the year, as well as being weekends where people often sense the need to join a local church for the celebration, and simply look online, or around the neighborhood for a place to go.


Since we’re talking about Easter Sunday at this time, I want to let you know what we, as a staff, do to make the weeks leading up to, and after the big weekend meaningful. As we begin to see the effects of Spring and all of our minds turn to summer, we recognize these next several weeks as some of the most critical in the life and growth of the church. We can either coast along and enjoy the ride, or we can be proactive and try to fulfill our mission to grow the church and the Kingdom of God with believers and disciples.

With that in mind, we have been praying together for weeks, laying out plans for the Sunday message series, updating the website, and planning for special events like Generation Praise (Easter Sunday) and ServeThisCity (April 22nd).

Another BIG step we are taking this year is something we have only done a couple of times in our history; WE ARE HOSTING TWO IDENTICAL SERVICES on Resurrection Sunday at 9:15 and 10:30am.  Our children’s ministry (C3AKids) will be joining our adult worship team and band to lead worship in both services.  I am EXTREMELY excited about this aspect, and it is something for which  I’ve had a vision for some time.

Here’s what we need MOST from you in the next two weeks:

  • Invite, invite, invite….  And then invite again. Email, social media, and personal invites are awesome!  You can also use the direct link to our brand new website design at


  • ATTEND! Both services on Easter Sunday.  The worst thing for guests and the ministry team is to have a congregation that seems empty. So, we are asking you to make the sacrifice of attending BOTH services on Easter Sunday, if you can.  This will give you the chance to welcome new guests in both services, which you do so well, and will help all those investing so much time and energy into preparing a great weekend a real boost of support.


  • Continue to be consistent and generous with your time, talent, and treasure. It’s what makes events like this, and the exceptionally awesome every-Sunday experience we enjoy, possible.


  • I hope you’ll be excited with us, and make the effort to contribute your energy toward growing your home church. If you agree with me, that C3AK is a special place where God is doing amazing things in individual lives, then I want you to join me in spreading the word.


Blessings & I’ll see you at church on Sunday,

Pastor Tracy