OMG! You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Right? // Jason Souza

Hey parents! Ever do that thing where you post something really funny, or witty, or deep on Facebook, and you get absolutely no response at all? No likes. No shares. No comments. Nothing. What do you do? If you're anything like me, you just move on with your day, bemoaning the world's inability to appreciate your epic genius. Their loss!


Not so with your kids. For them, no response is the same as the long-awaited "hate" button. Seriously, ever watch one post something then sit there refreshing to count the likes? For them, every post is like election night. And scientific studies (yes, that's multiple studies) bear this out.


As parents, we need to monitor the impact of social media in the lives of our kids. Not just what they are posting online, but how that posting - and corresponding feedback or lack thereof - is affecting them in the real world.

Think about it.
Pastor Jason