Thursdays in The Park // Jason Souza

Thursdays in the Park - When Coffee Isn't Enough: Reflecting on Relationships & Gospel Witness

"When we dip into the pockets of our resources, at the end of the day the most valuable thing we can pull out is hope. We give the gospel. And the gospel is only truly given when we stop long enough to see the person in front of us."  Laurie Nichols

Don't miss the important point there. Jesus never saw the person in front of him as a chore, task or project. He saw a unique individual, with unique hopes and hurts, formed in the image of God. And he treated them as such. So must we.


Two hours of your week + you being the wonderful you God made you to be in exchange for the possibility of a healed spirit and transformed life.

Is it worth the price?

Think about it.

Pastor Jason