Kid's World is BACK IN SESSION // Carrie Canup

KidsWorld is back in session starting this Sunday, August 26th. We will have a combined class for K-5 to kick off the year! We are in need of more VOLUNTEERS! Contact me if you'd like to find out more ASAP.

Parents, here are a couple of important things to note:

1. Please, please check your kiddos in at our check-in kiosk located in the back left corner! Every week! Thank you :)

2. Please pick up your child promptly after service ends.

3. Pray for our #C3AKids!


You've probably seen some announcements roll thru your emails already or on social media.. EXCITING stuff coming up...

Sept. 28th- Bike Night! Join us for some biking and scootering, snacks, and possibly a bonfire if the weather cooperates.

Wacky Tacky October is coming soon... stay tuned for what each Sunday has in store for your family!


Carrie Canup