Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost // Jason Souza

“When you comin’ home, son?
I don’t know when.
But, we’ll have a good time then.”
“Cat’s In The Cradle”
 by Harry Chapin


As the one who deals with all of C3AK’s prayer cards, I see prayers and praises on a wide variety of topics. But one issue that recurs frequently, in cards and conversations, is that of the prodigal. Parents who are concerned, afraid, heartbroken over a child who seems to have abandoned the faith with which they were raised.

Let me offer a word of comfort. Parents, you are not in this alone. As much as a mom or dad may be concerned about the straying of a wayward child, how much more so our Heavenly Father? And, according to Ed Stetzer, the situation might not be as dark as it seems.

It’s not always about you, or what you did or didn’t do.

walk-away.jpg can do everything right as a Christian parent and your child could still walk away from the faith. You can also do everything wrong in terms of discipline, parenting strategy, and the structuring of a healthy home environment, and your child could wind up sticking with their faith for a lifetime.”

This might not seem helpful, but keep in mind that not all journeys are short, and all paths are not straight.

“Trust that God is sovereign over your child’s journey. Trust in his timing and the faithfulness of His covenental love.”

Think about it.

Pastor Jason