Super Summer 1-Hour Sundays and GraceWorks Alaska Park Ministry

super summer sunday.jpg

I think Summer is here? The calendar would seem to suggest it but, the weather doesn't appear to be in full agreement yet! In any case, C3AK has an exciting summer on the books and I really hope you'll make plans to be involved, engaged, and available.  Here are the TWO MAJOR undertakings we are working toward this season.

1.  Summer Park Ministry with GraceWorks Alaska.  You can see the information videos HERE.  And here are the critical details:

  • Thursday nights June 7th - August 3rd, 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Heatherstone Park (MAP). Join us as we hangout and meet some of our South Anchorage neighbors. Take the opportunity to make friends, introduce the church, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. GraceWorks mission teams will be taking care of the park setup and preparation of cookout foods...  JUST SHOW UP! Mark your calendars to join us for every Thursday evening you can, rain or shine!
  • The teams will also be ministering in the parks every weekday at 1:00pm. This is another opportunity where you can emphasize the relationships you are building. There won't be big games setup or cookouts going on but, especially if you have kids that want to have some time to run around and play, this would be a great way to share that time with some neighbors.
  • Don't miss out on our Super Summer 1-Hour Sundays - This will be our modified plan for Sunday morning services, which will never last for more than one hour! Lots of music, some media, and brief words from pastors and other voices in our church community. We know the summer is short, and we want to be good stewards of your time so you can enjoy as much as possible.

Finally, please remember your church's finances. Summer is always difficult but, your faithful giving, can get us through with no trouble. Take advantage of any of our giving options by accessing our website HERE


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