Cell Phones and Parents // Jason Souza

A couple of years ago, I went to a city-wide middle school choir festival in which my oldest was participating. As i sat in the crowded balcony of the West High auditorium, observing the audience, I couldn't help but notice how many people were completely captivated by their phones. Not just kids, but parents. And not just parents, but grandparents as well.


The frustrated parent dealing with the distracted teen, fully engrossed in his/her phone, has become a common trope in films and television shows. But what if parents aren't the only ones feeling that frustration. As it turns out, they aren't.


 We are all susceptible to enchantment by technology. And, as adults, we've learned to deal with those around us getting distracted by that technology. But a child can't necessarily make that distinction. A child might equate distraction with importance. And it's not a huge leap from there to the understanding that the one getting the most attention is of the greatest importance.


Think about it.

 Pastor Jason